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Matt and Jane teach weekly classes for Cheltenham Swing Dance. They absolutely love all swing dances, with Lindy Hop being their favourite. They thoroughly enjoy seeing dancers in their classes leave with something new and fun to play with on the social dance floor.

Matt and Jane say, “We are very lucky to have attended many Lindy training camps and have brought back tips, techniques and teaching methods that we found really improved our enjoyment of the dance. We would absolutely love to share this with as many dancers as we can. We want everyone to fall in love with Lindy Hop!”

Class details

Classes follow the school terms. You can always email to check, but if schools are open, so are we! Our lesson format is:

19:00Doors open for a chat and a social dance
19:15 – 20:00Fundamentals class. Suitable for beginners, and those who want to refresh their technique or pick up some useful tips.

It is always better for complete beginners to start after Christmas, after Easter or after the Summer holidays. You will be very welcome. Drop us an email if you are unsure.
20:00 – 20:15Social dance time
20:15 – 21:00 ish Vocabulary class. Suitable for intermediate and above. Lots of fun shapes to lead and follow on the dance floor.
21:00 – 21:20Social dance time
21:20 – 22:00 ishFun bonus class. This will change frequently. For example: we may recap the Shim Sham, looking at rock steps, or working on spins and turns – it could be anything!

NB: The bonus session is free if you’ve taken an earlier class that evening.

Come along, we’d love to see you there.
Wednesday evenings (term-time only), Dowty Sports and Social Club
£6 for one class, £8 for two, pay on the door, cash or card.

Yes, you can just drop in!

More detail


…are not just for beginners!

However if you are a beginner this is definitely the place to start.
Complete beginners are very welcome to these classes!

Dancers use fundamentals all the time, in complex patterns as well as simple shapes. Whether you’re stepping or sliding, jumping or flying, the quality of your fundamentals impacts every part of your dance. That’s why they’re something we should all work on throughout our dancing life.

Our fundamentals classes aren’t just for beginners – they’re for everyone who wants to improve their versatility as a dancer. We’ll teach the skills from the beginning, but in a way that will recap and extend knowledge, or challenge understanding, for more experienced dancers.


This class is suited to improver/intermediate level (and above) dancers who are comfortable social dancing through a tune and able to mix basic moves. You’ll learn new shapes, variations and, importantly, how to lead and follow them comfortably. We want to share with our community some of the shapes and figures we’ve been shown, whilst allowing you to find your own style and individuality. 

Bonus class

The bonus class is a chance to do something you may not otherwise do, and is free to anyone who has taken one of the other classes that evening.  Maybe it’s a jazz routine, choreography inspired by some of the original dancers, a more challenging variation, or a technical point that requires focus and practice.  Whatever it is, it will always be something to take away and work on.

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