Policy page

Please see our policy documents below. By attending one of our classes or events you agree that attendance is at you own risk, and that CSD shall not be liable in any way for any illness or loss whatsoever.

We want everyone to have a safe dance experience. Please do not attend if you have a temperature, or feel unwell.

Safer Spaces policy

We commit to making every event welcoming and comfortable for every dancer and guest. Our goals are to share the joy of the dance, teach its origins and history and to support all those who want to respect those origins.

You can talk to any of the committee or email: [email protected]

We will:

  • Not hire teachers with a known history of unacceptable behaviour.
  • Treat everyone attending our classes and events with respect.
  • Eject anyone acting in an unacceptable manner.
  • Listen to everybody’s concerns and to act appropriately.

When attending our events please:

  • Be aware of your fellow dancers’ comfort and the impact your behaviour can have on others whether deliberate or not.
  • Speak up if something or someone makes you uncomfortable, for whatever reason. By saying something you can help prevent others from suffering.
  • Consider your fellow dancers when the bar is open; not everyone wishes to dance with a drunk partner.
  • In general, refusing a dance without good reason can be hurtful; be generous with your dances, especially with beginners. However, if someone makes you uncomfortable you don’t have to dance with them, and you don’t have to give a reason. A simple ‘No thank you’ will suffice.
  • If someone says ‘no’ to you, respect that decision and consider what you can do to make them feel more at ease.
  • Some people prefer not to dance up close and personal; this is an acceptable choice. Find a distance which is comfortable for both of you, or stop dancing.
  • We will not tolerate any kind of bullying or targeting of someone’s protected characteristic.

The small print

Dancing is an aerobic activity, and that participation is at your own risk. Swing dancing is a particularly physical dance, therefore we advise that dancers consider their health and fitness level (including pre-existing conditions or injuries) before deciding to participate in our activities. If you are unsure please seek medical advice before you sign up. We cannot accept responsibility for any claim, loss, or damage which may occur from your participation at our classes or events.

Events and workshops

Event cancellation
We reserve the right to cancel an event at any time up to the start time of the event. Should an event be cancelled at any time we will refund as much of the ticket price as we can that means we don’t make a loss. We do not accept any liability for consequential costs.

Changes to advertised line-up
In the case that an artist or teacher cancels at any time prior to an event that they are advertised to perform or teach at, we will endeavour to arrange a similar alternative for the event. We will substitute with the best available to us at the time. We do not issue refunds for events due to the cancellation by an artist or teacher performing or teaching at an event.

Transfer of tickets
Our policy is that we do not offer refunds on tickets. However, if you notify us that you can no longer attend an event, then, in the case we are able to sell your ticket on to the next person(s) on the list, we will do so returning your money or giving you credit. Should you find someone who wishes to buy your ticket, please give us their details so we can arrange the transfer. If we are unable to sell on your ticket we will not offer any refund. Ticket transfers are at our discretion and only allowed between dancers in the same role.

Filming and photography
Anyone attending our classes or events agrees that they can be filmed, photographed, or appear in any other form of media which may be used for the organisers’ promotional purposes. All recordings (film, digital media, photographs, or video) remain the copyright and property of the organisers and may be used by them at any time in any media, in perpetuity. Personal film or digital recording of the classes is not permitted without prior agreement of the teachers concerned.